Approximate Age:
1 years, 4 months
50 pounds


Hi… my name is Lovey (aka Lady),

As a young dog (born in February 2018), I happily admit to still having things to learn. I’ll gladly pay attention to the person I’m with—you could say I’m all ears—and more training will be very welcome. But I’m shy at first. Now a 50-pound female, I was a tiny, tiny puppy when originally found. Then my first adoption wasn’t a good fit. So now, a little confidence is needed, which will go nicely with my energetic, loyal nature. Athletic, alert, and smart—I’m eager to stay active and prove my devotion. Some sweet friends have complimented my speckled black and white Blue Heeler coat, and they’ve made me feel welcome here, but I dream of you—the patient, understanding person who will return my devotion with kindness and a loving home.

PS Yes, those are my baby photos at the end of the gallery.

Arrived 3-17-18; Adopted 3-27-18; Arrived 12-26-18; Adopted 12-31-18; Arrived 5-31-19