Approximate Age:
13 years, 5 months
45 pounds


Hi… my name is Lucy.

Adopted January 17, 2015.

There wasn’t enough room for another big dog (well, 44 pounds isn’t THAT big!) at TALGV when I was found, so I stayed in a boarding kennel for a month until some space opened up. When the volunteers visited me, though, they said that I was happy, friendly girl whose “whole body wagged” when you met her. Now that I’ve got my own space here, I’m getting tons more attention, walks several times a day, learning lots of important commands, and getting some play time in too. The people at the kennel were nice, but it’s way better here — especially since now visitors will see what a sweetie I am and want to give me a new home! I’m a gorgeous, glossy ebony Staffie mix, and I know in my heart that the perfect family for me is just waiting around the corner. Why not make that you?


Posted March 8, 2014