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Hi… my name is Bella,

I was brought into TALGV with burned paws and, boy, is this a great place! Lots of attention and great food. The volunteers are all talking about what a beautiful and sweet girl I am. I like everyone and am very friendly. I know my Staffie look might be scary, but I will approach you oh so gently to not scare you and to welcome your attention. I love people’s attention. My beautiful coat and golden eyes remind folks of the Weimaraner’s caramel colorings. I know my sit and stay commands and would welcome someone who would love me enough to teach me more. You’d find me to be an eager and devoted learner. Please come see me.

FOUND – Arrived 3-19-20

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Hi… my name is Reddit,

I was brought into TALGV looking a little rough, so don’t judge the book by its cover. The folks here have been oohing and aahing over me since I got here. I am very people motivated, friendly, and definitely affectionate. I greet everyone coming in with gentle enthusiasm so they can get used to me. I know having that Staffie look sometimes scares folks, but once you meet me, I will definitely change your mind. I have gorgeous golden eyes and a caramel-colored coat with white markings. I am one lucky dog. I got the looks, the manners, and all the love you can handle all in one fabulous package. Now I just need my someone special to share all that love. Would that be you?

Note: Since I can’t tell you about my adventures, I can say that I am healing from several wounds.

FOUND – Arrived 3-21-20

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Hi… my name is Shadow (aka Peanut),

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 9-15-19; Adopted 9-22-19; Arrived 3-19-20

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Hi… my name is Rico,

Adopted 2-28-20

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

FOUND – Arrived 3-12-20 (approx 6 weeks old)

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Hi… my name is Bella,

Adopted 3-8-20

High Five! A nice lady found me and brought me to TALGV. I stayed with her and her two dogs for a couple of weeks, but we found I did not like sharing with her other girl dog. I did get along fine with my finder’s male dog, though. The first thing you notice are my big radar ears, then my pretty brown and white pinto coat. I am housebroken, know all the common commands, and play fetch. I have impeccable leash manners, so just say the word and I’ll jump in the car to go for a hike with you. I have a bit of an alpha personality, so I’m picky about my dog friends and probably prefer to be an only dog, or perhaps share with a submissive male dog. But I do so love playing with people. I’m pretty laid back, even here in this strange environment. Come on down and say Hi, so we can work out a deal and shake on it.

Arrived 3-4-20

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Hi… my name is Angel,

I like making new people friends. In fact, I’ve left home on my own and gone looking for people. After several such adventures while my former owner was busy working, she surrendered me to TALGV. When you visit me here, you can expect a seriously enthusiastic greeting. I’ll happily return your attention when you run your hands over my beautiful silvery gray coat. And If my coat doesn’t catch your attention, then check out my four little white sox. Although I need to be your only dog, I’d love to have a family to play with. And since I am still a young guy, about one year old, I’d love to learn new things with you. I hope the forever home out there that needs all the love I have to give is yours!

Arrived 2-19-20

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Adopted 2-25-20

Molly is a sweet 55-pound, 8-year-old female Staffie mix that was raised from a puppy until owner recently died. She is healthy, is spayed, and shots are up to date (medical records available). She is crate trained and asks to go out. She gets along with another dog and was raised with four children; cats are unknown. Molly knows sit, stays off furniture, and does not chew. She likes belly rubs, car rides, and hikes. Molly would be a wonderful companion for family with medium activity level.

There is no adoption fee. If you will welcome this special girl into a loving home as part of your family, please call Andrea between 9 AM and 7 PM at 520-307-9481.

Note: Photos provided by owner will not expand.

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Hi… my name is Bobo,

Adopted 1-25-20

I’m like a basketball. I’m round, firm, and made for play! At 10 ½ months with a muscular, compact build, I’m a ball of energy. I was found in Madera Canyon bouncing along in my happy way with no I.D. and was brought to TALGV. I love people and would be a good match with friendly dogs my own size or bigger. I look like a Minnie Pittie. I wouldn’t mean to, but I could knock a little dog down with a playful paw pat. And don’t even think about pairing me with a cat. Put on your athletic shoes and come see me. With plenty of exercise, sturdy chew toys, and training from you, and lots of affection and fun from me, we’ll make a winning team!

Arrived 1-5-20

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Hi… my name is Kava,

Adopted 1-13-20

I didn’t mean to hitchhike. To be honest with you I was quite nervous. That probably explains why, when the car stopped and the door opened, I immediately jumped in. Then I was taken to the home of my rescuer where I felt safe and secure. After spending the night I came to TALGV where I was made to feel at home. They were informed that I am a calm, friendly girl that loves to cuddle and it seems I also like kids. My basic “commands” education is not known, but I walk well on a leash. Now I have my own room but I would prefer my own home and someone to love. If you are interested in an affectionate gal that enjoys a cuddle—-I’m yours.

FOUND – Arrived 12-28-19

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Hi… my name is Joey,

Adopted 3-21-20

Note: Joey is ready for new owner to finish his AKC Canine Good Citizen training.

A Gentle Giant. That’s what one of the volunteers called me. At 84 pounds, I’m a handsome black Staffie mix. I like everyone without reservation and my big goofy grin and beautiful eyes follow you everywhere. I’m also very aware of my size, so I won’t step on your toes while you are petting me. My friends at TALGV want you to know that I love to jump and climb, but I just know I love being around people and don’t like being left home alone. They also want you to know that I am ready for you to finish my Canine Good Citizen training. I love going for walks with you and even with other dogs and I’m very gentle. I like everyone, and I’ll find you wherever you go. Wouldn’t you like to have a gentle soul like me in your life?

Arrived 10-15-17; Adopted 5-11-19; Arrived 12-3-19

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Hi… my name is Roger,

Adopted 10-28-19

Love to go out and play? So do I! Why don’t we do it together? You could throw a ball or a toy, and I will bring it back to you. (And then play keep-away: ha ha ha!) I love life and I love people and other dogs. I walk so well on a leash, I got to walk in a parade with one of the volunteers here! I also know sit, and I would like to learn many more commands. They say, I am smart and sweet. When you pet me, I reward you with kisses and if I really like you, I will whisper something in your ear! If you come to visit me, I can show you, and may be then we can go home together forever!

FOUND – Arrived 10-18-19

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Hi… my name is Sandie,

Adopted 10-30-19

I’m just a foot and a half tall and a year and a half old. I’m buff both in color and physique. You could say I’m well balanced! I’m here at TALGV because my Mom and Dad worked long hours and said I’m “a sweetheart who deserves more companionship.” I’m a friendly girl with people and other dogs. The combination of having brains and curiosity led me to figuring out how to open a handle doorknob and jump a fence. Safety doesn’t cross my mind when there’s something to explore on the other side. Right now I’m wondering who’s going to come through my door from the other side and take me to my new home!

Arrived 10-16-19

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