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Hi… my name is Atticus,

Adopted 3-22-19

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 3-13-19

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Hi… my name is Bruce (boy),

Bruce Boy has earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

A lady rescued me from a man she saw kicking and yelling at me. But here, happily, I’ve learned to trust people again. Volunteers call me “Gentle, Loving, and Laid Back.” Yep, I’m all that! Plus, I enjoy all kinds of toys, playing fetch, and learning, but I especially love being with people. And I’ve been calm around some other dogs (not all, but some). I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really smart! I’ve earned my Canine Good Citizen certificate, so I know sit, stay, and several other commands. I also walk nicely on the leash. All these things and more, I’ll do for you and with you. Do come visit me; stay awhile; then take me home with you. Let me give you my love and a new sense of joy!

Arrived 2-13-17

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Hi… my name is Apollo,

I was found by Circle K, across from Walmart, off Duval Mine Road. Pretty specific, eh? But how did I get there? We don’t know. And since I’m such a charming, handsome fellow—modest, too—we know I was meant to be found! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) But, seriously, I’m very grateful to be here. And I admit to being a little starved for human attention. When visitors come see me, I want them to stay! It’s so great to have a kind, friendly person’s company. I’m an energetic 1-1/2-year-old, about 54 pounds, and right now an active life is great for me. If I wiggle when we meet, it’s just because I’m so happy to see you. And if I can add fun to your life, I’m all yours!

Arrived 2-28-19

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Hi… my name is Blue,

Blue has earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Guess you could say I’m a caring fellow—or at least that I like having friends, because when my person rescued Pretty Girl about a year ago (she had some wounds back then), I welcomed her with open paws. Then, when our person couldn’t keep us any longer, we came here, where I’ve made many more friends. I’ve found people are great for fun, for going on walks (I can be kind of strong on a leash), and they’re the best at giving attention! And I can reciprocate—if you want to teach me a few things, I’ll gladly give you my attention. Born in early 2014, I’m a happy, eager-to-please guy, who’s often been called “very sweet” by his friends. I’m hoping you’ll agree and will choose this sweet guy to be yours.

Arrived 2-15-19

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Hi… my name is Pretty Girl,

You may notice I have a few scars, but those represent old, healed wounds from the past. I’ve known lots of love since then. My original rescuer had intended to help me for just a while, but then his dog, Blue, and I became great buddies, as we are to this day. When our person had some problems and couldn’t keep us, Blue and I came here, and now I have many more new friends. I’ve found people can be great for fun, and for attention—when someone speaks kindly and pets me, all’s right with my world. Already a good walker, I’ll gladly learn more ways to please you. Born in early 2017, I’m eager to join your active life; and as a very sweet dog, I’d be forever happy just being yours.

Arrived 2-15-19

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Adopted 3-1-19

MOLLY is an affectionate and smart 45-pound, 10-month-old female Lab/Staffie mix that needs a good home. She is up to date on shots, has a certificate for free spay, is crate trained, and asks to go out. Molly is healthy and is up to date with her shots. She loves to play with her doggy companions and is tolerant of children. There is no adoption fee for this special girl.

If you will welcome Molly into a loving home as part of your family, please call Gale after 4:30 PM weekdays and any time on weekends at 602-618-3163.

January 21, 2019

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Hi… my name is Jill,

Adopted with Jack 2-2-19

My canine buddy, Jack, and I were found sitting together alongside a frontage road. That makes us strays, I suppose, but I see friends everywhere I look—starting with our kind rescuer, who said that when we stayed overnight with her, we didn’t bark, were housetrained, and good with her dogs. (We happily jumped in her truck with her dog.) Here, our new friends have noticed that both Jack and I are friendly, sweet and calm. Jack is stronger and a little bigger; I’m somewhat shyer and gentler. Both of us like people just the way you are. Could you feel the same about us? In my tender way, I have a very trusting nature; if you’re good to me, I’ll return that kindness with my whole heart. Shall we give it a try?

Found/Arrived 1-5-19

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Hi… my name is Jack,

Adopted with Jill 2-2-19

Jill and I were found together—sitting on the side of a frontage road when our kind rescuer (bless her!) opened the door of her truck and let us jump in with her dog. On the night we spent with her, she praised us for not barking, being housetrained, and good with her dogs. Of course! Jill and I are just that way—we’re friendly, calm and sweet. Granted, I’m stronger; the person on the other end of my leash needs to be strong, too. Jill is gentler, a bit softer. And both of us like people very much. We love your attention, affection, and will always try to please you. So it’s up to you. We can meet, be friends, and maybe even share that place that’s better than all others: a loving home.

Found/Arrived 1-5-19

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Hi… my name is Juanita,

Adopted 1-8-19

Why does a dog without a home, or a person of her own, smile every day? Oh, some people can’t see a dog smile, but we do. Take me, for instance. I was once lost, out in the cold, no food or water, when a man from the sheriff’s department kindly helped me. He brought me here, where I enjoy food, water, toys, exercise, good company—lots of reasons to smile. But you know what’s missing: A loving, happy home, where you belong to someone and they belong to you, and you stick together through thick and thin. Born in December 2017, a strong 55 pounds, I’m a lively, loving, brindle Boxer/Staffie mix female, with just one question: Will you let me give you my heart, and all my best smiles from now on?

FOUND/Arrived 12-3-18

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Hi… my name is Vinnie,

I’ve come to believe that sometimes even the broken road takes you where you need to go. I was adopted but then my person went back to school, then someone moved and someone else took me, but I didn’t get along with her dogs (I arrived with some minor wounds from that), and so I’m here. Yes, all this has made me a little shy and wary, but you probably know what I’m hoping for—that someone will see my potential. Someone will know that what I need is a little guidance, some kindness, and lots of love. I’m a strong guy (so you should be, too), who’s eager to learn how to trust again and how to please, and my greatest strength is my heart. Will you let me give it to you?

Arrived 1-11-17; Adopted 4-10-17; Arrived 11-19-18

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Hi… my name is Fiesta,

Adopted 12-89-18

Before coming here, I was one of fifteen dogs all living together in the same place! Different breeds, genders, ages—mainly small to medium small—and we all got along. Still do! We’re a sweet, loving bunch. But when our people moved and couldn’t take everyone with them, most of us came here—some of us shy, others very friendly, and each one hoping for the same thing: A new, comfy, loving home. We’re already experiencing new things; leashes and doggie doors were unknown to us, and we’ve not been around small children. I’m a 2-year-old gray and white Staffie mix female, 49 pounds, sometimes full of vim and vigor, and always happy to be with friends. Lively and fun, I have a quiet dream of being loved by you just for being me.

Arrived 11-17-18

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Hi… my name is Lucy,

Adopted by The Humane Society 11-25-18

We could say my story started the day I was rescued from the road—running alone, without a safe place to go. My finder said I was friendly and loved her dogs on the one day we spent together. Here, I was shy and trembling at first, but liked the people right away; they stroked my soft coat, told me I’m an adorable dog who someone will love real soon. I was too thin back then (now up to 34 pounds), and not a picky eater—daily meals are a great habit! I’ve learned a couple of commands—sit, come—and because I truly want to be a people-pleaser, I’ll learn more. One thing I know already: I want to go to that place where love lives, and I think that’s home with you.

Arrived 11-7-18

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