Approximate Age:
8 years, 0 months
53 pounds


Hi… my name is Luke,

Adopted 4-7-18

My Animal League friends say I arrived on Valentine’s Day because I’m a sweetheart. (They pet me as they say that, so it’s nice for me.) When found, I was a stray dog “full of stickers,” and my kind finders took care of that. They also let me play with their dogs, adult male golden retrievers, and we got along well. Indeed, they said that while with them, I enjoyed playing with other dogs. As for manners, I didn’t specifically ask to go outside, but did go outside, so that’s good. I’m strong—a 2-year-old, 53-pound Boxer mix male—so best to have a strong hand on my leash. And, honestly, I am a sweetheart who loves sweet people. If that makes us a happy match, I hope we can go home together real soon.

Arrived 2-14-18