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Hi… my name is Chance,

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 7-7-17

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Hi… my name is Caroline,

Adopted 6-27-17

My finder (the woman who very kindly rescued me when I was a stray on the street) said I was good with her kids and her cats! I’m living peacefully with another dog here at TALGV, so you could say I’m an all-around sociable kind of dog who likes all kinds of friends. A nice size at 33 pounds, I’m 18 months old, alert, playful, and good on a leash. Plus, being affectionate comes naturally to me. Oh, I don’t overdo it—I just like to be by your side and know that we can feel free to cuddle if the mood strikes. (I’m pretty much always available for back rubs, ear scratches and the like.) I’ll do my best to make you smile every day if you let me be your dog forever.

Arrived 6-9-17

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Hi… my name is Sherlock,

Adopted with Bubbles 6-29-17

Our family moved far, far away—overseas—so both Bubbles, my Terrier buddy, and I need a new home. We’re different sizes—I’m 92 pounds, she’s 23—but have gotten along with each other and were both gentle and tolerant with kids ages 4 and 6. I’m a 4-year-old Boxer male, calm and patient; I loved those kids and their parents, too. Plus, I’m okay with cats! My family described me as “an amazing dog, the sweetest Boxer you’ll ever meet.” As for specific good qualities, I’m leash-trained, crate-trained, and housebroken; a well-behaved companion at home, on walks and car rides. My former people said anyone would be lucky to have me. I say I’ll be lucky to find a wonderful someone who’ll love me forever. And now I’m wondering, could it be you?

Arrived 6-9-17

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Hi… my name is Jax,

Recently I spent a week with people who loved me but couldn’t keep me. The family included a teenager, a St. Bernard, and two cats. I got along with all of them—dog, cats, and people—so I could fit into any one of many different households. Those friends also said I know lots of commands, come when called, am housebroken and leash trained. Now, those are my official qualifications and they’re important, but I’m hoping you see lots more in me—the loving, playful guy who could quickly become your loyal, lifelong companion. I’m a sweet 8-month-old Shepherd/Boxer mix male, tan and white (including “white socks” paws), and I’d love to meet you up close and personal. If you’re the one who could love me forever—believe me, the feeling will be mutual!

Arrived 6-6-17

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Hi… my name is Butkus,

Adopted 6-14-17

When I was lost, wandering on my own, the street looked like a great big sidewalk to me. That’s where I was found—in the very dangerous middle of a road. (Due to the emergency situation, I arrived at TALGV wearing a pair of pajama trousers as a leash—that was apparently a first.) Today, I know how good it feels to be safe. Come visit and you’ll find me easy-going, well mannered, and interested in the world around me. The volunteers like to take me on walks and when asked to describe me, they almost all use the same word first: Sweet. “He’s such a sweet guy,” they say. I’m an 8-year-old, 55-pound Boxer male, grateful to be safe but dreaming of being loved. Could I be the wonderful companion you’re looking for?

Arrived 5-22-17

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Hi… my name is Dudley,

Adopted with Jacob 6-17-17

My former family and I loved each other very much, but when one of the children developed an allergy to me, we had to part. We were all sad, but today I’m a great dog thanks in part to my great start with them. When I was a puppy, they taught me commands including sit, down, stay, leave it and shake. They also found I have Valley Fever, and started my treatment. Due to my naturally good disposition, I was gentle and tolerant with the children (ages 1 to 16), got along very well with the other dogs and ignored the cat. Housebroken, leash-trained and friendly, I’m an 8-month-old tan and white 63-pound male who’ll be a great companion for a family, a couple, or one loving person. Please let it be with you!

Arrived 4-28-17

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Hi… my name is Happy,

I was an easy dog to name because—as you’ll see if you visit me—I’m a happy dog. Oh sure, I’ve known some sadness. I was a stray when my finder spotted me on the road by his parents’ house. He said he rescued me so I wouldn’t get hit, and I say bless him for that! While waiting to come here, he kept me for 1-1/2 weeks and during that time, he said, I was gentle and tolerant with kids (ages 13 and 15) and okay with other dogs. I’m a brindle and white female, about 2-1/2-years-old, and such a friendly dog that you’ll probably see my happy smile. Of course, you can change my name if you want—I’ll be happy with whatever you choose as long as I’m called yours!

Arrived 4-9-17

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Hi… my name is Axo,

I was found running down a road alone, but when I arrived here, people said friendly things to me right away. They complimented my bright eyes and handsome face, short tan and white coat, and athletic-looking physique (about 75 pounds). I was a little nervous back then (and filthy dirty, so I’d probably been on my own a while), but loved the attention—the kind you get from a friend, which is exactly what I’m looking for! A 3-1/2-year-old male, I’m playful but can be calm, too; happy just to keep you company. I’m already pretty good on a leash (if I get lost in a sniff, you can remind me to keep up) and eager to please. So how about we get together and start our own beautiful friendship—one that lasts forever.

Arrived 4-8-17

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Hi… my name is Luke,

Adopted 4-9-17

I was found near a railroad track, a lost dog who’s apparently known tough times in the past because my smooth brown coat bears some scars. Am I still a handsome guy? Absolutely yes, say my dear friends. Moreover, they say my good looks are from my true nature shining through because I’m a remarkably sweet, gentle, and very loving dog. My finder kept me for ten days and said I was gentle with their teenager and got along with their other dogs. Here at TALGV, I’m delighted when people visit me and when we go for walks, I’m great on the leash. A 6-1/2-year-old Boxer mix male, medium size at 49 pounds, I’m confident the best times of my life are right up ahead, especially if I get to share them with you!

Arrived 3-12-17

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Hi… my name is Brooklyn,

Adopted 4-21-17

Whew! My life has undergone so many changes lately, my head’s been spinning! First, my former family and I moved, my living area going from spacious to small, then they became very busy and there wasn’t time for me. Finally, they decided that the best thing for me would be a new home. So I’m here, scared and nervous at first, but happy to be enjoying lots of my favorite things again: I love treats, toys, walks (I’m very good on a leash) and especially the company of a kind person. I’m a very sweet 6-year-old Boxer mix female, a nice size at just 37 pounds, and when I look up at you with my big brown eyes, I hope you see the great friend I could be. How about we try that today?

Arrived 1-31-17

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Hi… my name is Peggy,

Adopted 1-14-17

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 1-9-17

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Hi… my name is Emma,

Adopted 5-3-17

Here’s something you may already know: Dogs don’t always like each other. Sadly, I didn’t get along with the Rat Terrier at my former home, so now I’m hoping someone else will love me! My former people said I have lots of good qualities. For instance, they say I’m leash-trained, and already know commands like “sit,” “down,” and “off.” Plus, I’m very loyal; I’ll sit with you and “give paw” for hours! And, by the way, I love sitting in the sun; maybe we could do that together. Most of all, I want to belong to someone with that give-love and get-love kind of relationship. I’m a 6-year-old, cream-colored Boxer/Lab mix female, very slender at 35 pounds, and if you give me the chance, I’ll do my very best to earn your love forever!

Arrived 1-7-17

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