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Hi… my name is Lucky (aka No-Me),

Adopted 1-12-20

“Look for the helpers,” said Mr. Rogers, the TV star, whose mother told him to do that when something scared him. I’ve known scary times, too—when I was kept in a backyard kennel without food or water—until a helper came for me. While with her, I was good with kids and other dogs, but not with cats; very energetic, loving, obedient, and a fast learner. And then I came here, still needing to gain weight (this is a five-star place for nutritious dog meals), and just naturally friendly and eager to please. Life isn’t scary anymore. For me, it’s full of promise for happy, fun times. I’m a 3-year-old Boxer mix male, who wants most of all to give you the love of a good dog. Will you help me do that?

Arrived 1-22-18; Adopted 1-27-18; Arrived 1-2-20

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Hi… my name is Axo,

Axo has earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

If you believe there are two sides to every story, you’ll understand how I can be an unlucky dog and a lucky dog. I’ve been lost and I’ve been found. I don’t have a home and I live at a shelter where I have regular food, activities, friends and love. I have bad behavior marks on my history (please ask an adoption counselor for details) and I’ve been a gentleman in training class and earned my Canine Good Citizen certificate. So my life is complicated, and it’s simple. I need a strong, fun-loving, dog-savvy person (adults only, please), who understands my foibles, accepts me—history and all—and will be the leader of our pack, even if it’s just the two of us. I hope that’s you, because I’m looking for someone to follow and to love.

Arrived 4-8-17; Adopted 10-29-19; Arrived 12-28-19

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Hi… my name is Cutie,

Adopted 10-14-19

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

FOUND – Arrived 10-10-19

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Hi… my name is Cyrus,

Adopted 11-13-19

I’m a sleek, shiny black boxer/lab mix with a sparkling personality to match. I was adopted from TALGV two years ago when I was just a year old. But now my Dad had to move, so I was brought back to start over. With my bright spirit and love of people, dogs, play, and belly rubs, I just know my new family is going to see me, want me, and take me home! I’m an enthusiast when it comes to playing “retrieve your toy,” but I ‘m also known to relax completely, stretched out on my back, letting you pet me as long as you like. I’m good on leash and am learning to wait at the door, but don’t let me wait too long for you to claim me as your own.

Arrived 10-25-17; Adopted 12-4-17; Arrived 10-9-19

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Hi… my name is Adrian,

Adopted 12-7-19

Do you sing off key? Well, that’s what my bark sounds like: off key. (Way. Off Key.) But hey, you’ll always know where I am, because there is no mistaking my voice for anyone else’s! I’d like to go and explore new places with you, play keep-away with my toys, and get petted. I like to run and I can also jump pretty high. After all, I am a handsome young Boxer/Staffie mix used to working out, and I like to maintain my attractive physique! I lived with a person who had to move and left me and another doggie in the yard, but a friendly neighbor brought us here to find brand-new families who will love us forever!

Arrived 9-22-19

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Hi… my name is Cami,

Adopted 11-17-19

In the winter of 2018 I was found wandering alone and scared in Tubac. A patient man lured me with food and took me to TALGV. I’m a 6-year-old female Boxer who hopes to find a home with caring people and a canine buddy. I was gentle with my adopted family’s grandchildren and tried to befriend their dog. But when he just ignored me, I got depressed and stopped eating. They worried about me and brought me back. Now, in my foster home, my doggie “sister“ has taught me “down,” “crawl,” and how to use the doggie door. We love snuggling together. My foster parents say I’m skittish when hearing loud noises like slamming doors, but I’m not a barker. I’m shy at first, but ultimately I’m known as “the affectionate love bug.”

Arrived 1-6-19; Adopted 3-30-19; Arrived 7-27-19

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Hi… my name is Fonzi,

Adopted 12-20-19

I’ve had many different homes, so have tons of “house experience!” I’m also leash trained, know lots of other commands like “sit,” “walk,” “stay,” “lie down,” “come,” and “go outside” (that’s the most fun of all!). For extra enjoyment, I love car rides, and when you sleep, I’m happy to lie on a blanket by your bed. The best thing though is to be your center of attention (because I value my “personal space,” other companion dogs should be low-key personalities), and I can sometimes be a bit shy around men. If you’re an experienced “dog person” (and know and love Boxers), then this 7½-year-old gentleman is the one for you!

Arrived 8-14-15; Adopted 9-29-15; Arrived 4-28-19; Adopted 5-3-19; Arrived 6-17-19

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Hi… my name is Ali,

Adopted 8-31-19

You’ve probably already guessed it, but I’ll proudly say that since I’m a 6-year-old Boxer mix, I was named for that world-famous champion boxer, (Muhammad) Ali. He said he’d “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Well, I don’t have much of a sting, but I do like to entertain in my own way–which is perfectly understandable since I was found in the area of Desert Diamond Casino. I can entertain you if you give me the chance to demonstrate my strong and muscular body at our hopeful meet and greet. Even though I may show off, once in a while I do love to reveal my nice and gentle side. I don’t believe being here at TALGV is a bad thing. I just “don’t count the days… make the days count.” Let’s meet!

Arrived 6-3-19

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Hi… my name is Tae (aka Juanita),

Adopted 8-31-19

I’m so happy and lively, exuberant could be my middle name! Or joyful, or friendly—I’ll let you choose! My former owner had to give me up due to her own health issue, but had good things to share about me. For instance, she found me to be good with adults and children (gentle and tolerant with an 11-year-old at home); and I’ve loved meeting new people! She described me as loyal and protective, too; at home, the commands I knew well were “sit, settle, heel and stay.” I was good in the house when alone (had a doggie door), and, of course, I love playing with my toys. Born in December 2017, I’m a sweet, strong, high-spirited female who needs one thing to be happy forever: a loving home with you!

FOUND/Arrived 12-3-18; Adopted 1-8-19; Arrived 3-24-19; Adopted 4-14-19; Arrived 5-8-19

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Hi… my name is Richie,

Adopted with Joanie 8-16-19

I was found with my best dog friend, Joanie, and you could say we just appeared out of the blue. We were strays—I had no ID, no microchip—and we were hungry. Each of us was too thin, dirty, and in need of human kindness, which we have received in abundance here (along with an extra meal every day for a while). Today, I’m happy, feeling good, and looking Boxer-handsome. And all along—from the very first day—I’ve been an exceptionally sweet guy. Whether it’s with Joanie or with people, I’m loyal and loving; a dog who likes to give and get affection. And if you enjoy fun at playtime, we have that in common! So let’s meet—you, Joanie and me—and see if there’s a happily-ever-after for all of us together!

FOUND – Arrived 4-24-19

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Hi… my name is Washington,

Adopted 6-19-19

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 3-23-19; Adopted 4-25-19; Arrived 6-14-19

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Hi… my name is Lincoln,

Adopted 4-5-19

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 3-23-19

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