Approximate Age:
4 years, 4 months
21 pounds


Hi… my name is Pudgy,

Adopted 2-10=23

I’m a peppy Pug boy that’s a bit of a flirt, so I’m not sure how I ended up alone in the Circle K parking lot. I enjoy playing with people and toys, but I REALLY love treats! In fact, I get so excited for yummies that I’ve been told my exuberance can cause me to forget there are fingers wrapped around them. Volunteers here use a dainty toss, but with your loving guidance, I’m sure I’ll learn the art of dainty acceptance. I also love going for walks, and I must say this: that’s NOT pudge on my physique—it’s muscle! What do you say, do you need a walking buddy? Good. Because maybe I could stand to lose some, um, “muscle.” What’s that? You need a toy-chasing, cuddle buddy? Well then…sign me UP!

FOUND – Arrived 1-28-23