About The Animal League of Green Valley

Who We Are

The Animal League of Green Valley is a private, 501(c)(3) not for profit, all volunteer, no kill animal shelter. We are dedicated to serving the people and pets of our community. TALGV‘s vision is…

A Home for Every Pet

TALGV’s mission is 1) to provide compassionate care, shelter, training, adoption opportunities, emotional support, and medical care, including spaying and neutering, for needy and homeless cats and dogs in Green Valley and surrounding areas, by carefully managing donated funds and volunteer talents; 2) to raise awareness and funding for TALGV through the profitable managing of the Attic Thrift Store; 3) to reduce the number of unwanted pets through subsidized spay/neuter programs and education; 4) to collaborate with other animal agencies to help animals find a place to call home.

What We Do

  • Provide a shelter for cats and dogs whose owners can no longer care for them, especially seniors in the Green Valley area
  • Accommodate lost, unwanted, and abandoned pets
  • Arrange adoptions of pets to loving, qualified homes
  • Support, sponsor, and conduct low-cost spay/neuter programs to prevent an increase in the population of unwanted animals
  • Conduct community outreach programs, including pet education and “read to a dog” programs at local schools, companion animal visits at assisted living facilities, participation in community events, and pet food and veterinary assistance to families in need

Anti-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy and practice of TALGV that TALGV prohibits discrimination against anyone (volunteer, Board member, visitor, or otherwise) on the basis of race, color, religion, gender or gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or any other protected class recognized by applicable federal or state law in any of its activities or operations. Any questions or concerns about this policy should be directed to TALGV’s Board of Directors, attention of President.

Accommodation of Disabilities

TALGV provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities, including reasonable modifications, as is necessary to allow them an equal opportunity to participate in or benefit from the goods and services offered by TALGV, as required by law. Applicants for adoption of animals, whether a person with a qualified disability under applicable law or not, will not be required to submit additional medical documentation to support their ability to adopt an animal. TALGV representatives may not inquire into the nature of an applicant’s disability or disability-related health issues such as medication. If an applicant voluntarily discloses that she/he is looking for a service animal, the decision as to which animal to adopt shall be the applicant’s.

Our Board of Directors

Front:  Ted Schultz, Treasurer; Kim Eisele, President; Rose Welliver, Vice President; Caroline Hewatt, Secretary.

Back: Mary Ziegelbauer, Pam White, Michele Miner, Georgia Puttock, Kareen Kell.

It’s All About The Animals & Dedicated Volunteers

From 2009 through 2022, TALGV found homes for more than 11,593 pets. Our average daily population in 2022 was 98 cats and 40 dogs. On arrival, every pet gets a full medical check-up and all necessary shots. Every TALGV pet is spayed or neutered. All pets are regularly groomed and dogs are walked several times daily. Cats and dogs are socialized with people and with other pets.

Dedicated Volunteers

More than 400 volunteers give freely of their time and effort, 365 days of the year. Volunteers contributed more than 128,868 hours of their time in 2022, the equivalent of 67 full-time staff members. No one in the entire organization receives any monetary compensation. There are no paid staff at TALGV, only dedicated volunteers.

How We Are Funded (as of December 31, 2022)

The majority of our funding comes from the generosity of our members, individual donors, local businesses, foundations, and bequests. TALGV receives no funding from federal or state sources. Thanks to the donations and purchases by people in our local community, our own Attic Thrift Shop generates a large percentage of our income. To all of our supporters, we offer our most profound and sincere thanks!

Department Percentage
Estates 38%
Donations 37%
The Attic Thrift Stop  16%
Adoption Fees 3%
Fundraising 2%
Other 4%
Total 100%

You Can Help

  • Volunteer your time and talents in the kennels, the Attic Thrift Store, the office, or in many other departments. Call 520-625-3170 for more details.
  • Drop off your gently-used items to sell in the Attic and don’t forget to shop for other treasures while you are there.
  • Donate food and/or supplies for the animals.
  • Adopt one or more of our loving cats or dogs.
  • Support us financially.
    • Become a member of TALGV – minimum annual donation of $25 to receive our “Paw Prints” newsletter three times a year and to have voting privileges at our annual meeting in December.
    • Make a monetary donation by check or online at our website, safely and easily through Classy.
    • Consider us in your estate planning. Remember and support TALGV by:
      • Outright gift – can qualify for tax deduction
      • Naming TALGV as a beneficiary in your will, trust, or life insurance
      • IRA Charitable Rollover – roll over up to $100,000/year to TALGV, deduct from gross income, pay no tax on rollover money
      • Donor Advised Fund – receive charitable tax deduction
      • Charitable Gift Annuity – save on capital gains, receive tax deduction, and income for life
      • Charitable Remainder Trust – receive income tax deduction and income stream balance to TALGV at end of term
      • Charitable Lead Trust – receive gift tax deduction vs. income tax deduction
      • Talk to your financial advisor or attorney about your many options

Special Dates in TALGV History

TALGV Incorporated in Arizona.
IRS approves 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit status.
TALGV operates from rented facilities and private homes.
Constructs and occupies building at 1600 W Duval Mine Road.
Opens The Attic, a thrift store that provides a significant portion of TALGV income.
Begins cat and dog adoptions from TALGV building.
Insulates and air conditions the building shell, making it usable throughout the year.
Builds large fenced outdoor runs so TALGV dog residents can get adequate exercise under supervision of volunteers. Begins accepting stray and unwanted pets as space permits. Begins offering dog training for adopters and TALGV volunteer staff.
Completes interior building modifications, including laundry facility.
Begins Animal Outreach program to assist lower-income residents with pet care costs.
Adoptions total 525, an increase of 41% over 2006. Begins construction of 2,300 square foot building addition to provide eight new kennels, an isolation room, additional laundry facilities, and more.
Completes building addition. Begins free spay and neuter program for low-income pet owners. Expands foster program to care for more animals. Institutes a training program to make dogs more adoptable.
Adoptions total 703 dogs and cats, an increase of 20% over 2008. Donates 1,275 pounds of pet food to Green Valley Community Food Bank.
Provides spay/neuter outreach assistance to the low-income owners of 396 pets. Provides on-site classes to grade- and middle-school students through “Love on a Leash” program. Provides monthly pet therapy visits to four assisted living centers.
Courtyard is enclosed and opens in August as an expansion of The Attic thrift store. Forty-nine high school students participate in our first summer Youth Intern Program (YIP), working for eight weeks in our facility, helping to care for our animals. More than 500 students (Kindergarten – 4th grade) receive classroom instruction on pet care and responsibility through TALGV’s “Love on a Leash” program. Medical Outreach assistance, including free and low cost spay/neuter services, is provided to 361 companion pets in the community. More than 11,000 people visit our facility. TALGV’s all-volunteer workforce contributes 91,500 hours or the equivalent of 47 man-years of work.
Annual adoptions reach a new high of 720. Animal outreach assistance program is expanded.
TALGV breaks ground for building expansion on January 7. Foster program is expanded to care for dogs housed in areas impacted by the construction so that there will be no decrease in the number of dogs and cats that TALGV can accommodate during construction. The new building is dedicated on October 7. It consists of a new cat wing, administrative offices, adoption rooms, an IT suite, and a multipurpose room that is paid for by a generous grant from Freeport-McMoRan. The grant also includes funds to bus students from local schools to TALGV for classes on pet care. With the completion of this “north wing” expansion, TALGV’s total complex consists of 14,503 feet. This construction also includes 10 outdoor exercise yards for dogs. Year ends with total of 680 adoptions.
Doors in the cat wing are changed from solid with a window to metal screen, each decorated with a cat silhouette. More shade and additional improvements are added to the outdoor exercise yards for dogs so they can also be used as housing for dogs. 2014 adoptions total 881: 363 cats and 518 dogs.
The year begins with 112 cats and 58 dogs (170) available for adoption. Adoptions for the year are 367 cats and 503 dogs for a total of 870. Volunteers donate 123,417 hours, the equivalent of 64 full-time employees with benefits.
Windows are added to bottom of interior doors in both east and west wing dog kennels, so that all dogs may easily look out into the hallway and see and be seen by visitors. For the first time we exceed 1000 adoptions for the year: 403 cats and 604 dogs = 1007. TALGV generates half of the year’s proceeds from the The Attic Thrift Store and assists 600 families through TALGV’s Outreach Program.
1068 adoptions; 81 lost pets are claimed by owners; adoption return rate is 18% for cats and 21% for dogs. Volunteers donate 135,583 hours, the equivalent of 70 full-time employees with benefits.
825 adoptions – fewer annual adoptions was result of decreasing animal intakes to onsite capacity and availability of foster homes. Upgrade flooring in west wing to colored concrete. Volunteers donate 131,106 hours, the equivalent of 68 full-time employees with benefits.
Ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration of Shakespeare’s Room, a volunteer-donated cat visitation room for potential adopters to spend time with a cat before adopting, is on March 17.
830 adoptions – 379 cats and 451 dogs (47 cats and 31 dogs are Vet Care for Life). Vet Care Support for Life (Addendum “A” becomes effective August 1. Expansion of on-line donation opportunities brings good results. Outreach Program requests co-pays for veterinary care. Volunteers donate 133,471 hours, the equivalent of 69 employees with benefits. Cats and volunteers are very grateful for the beautiful roomy “Quiet Cages.” Training team helps TALGV dogs to be good citizens.
720 adoptions – 376 cats and 344 dogs. As of 12/31/20, 200 Vet Care for Life and 90 Vet Care Support for Life animals are being helped by TALGV. Volunteers donated 100,509 hours, the equivalent of 52 full time employees with benefits. A volunteer donated money for equipment for our surgical suite, which was up and running in October. A network upgrade was completed during the year. Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, the Attic days and hours were reduced, and the shelter was closed except for adoptions and relinquishments which were by appointment only.
636 adoptions – 354 cats and 282 dogs. As of 12/31/21, 171 Vet Care for Life and 106 Vet Care Support for Life animals are being helped by TALGV. Volunteers donated 104,344 hours, the equivalent of 54 full time employees with benefits. Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, the Attic Thrift Shop was closed until March at which time it reopened with reduced days (open four days a week and donations once a month), and the shelter was closed to the public until July, although all along we kept doing adoptions and relinquishments which were by appointment only. The shelter parking lots were repaved, a new roof was installed on Building A (dog building) and a new roof coating was put on Building B (cat building). The block windows in the cat wing were replaced with clear glass. The Adopt-A-Friend software program was replaced with a web-based program called Shelter Pro to track our animal and donor information.
864 adoptions – 526 cats and 338 dogs. Took in a record 355 kittens. 60 lost pets were reunited with their owners. TALGV started a Lost Pet Awareness Program to assist owners in finding their lost pets. As of 12/31/22, 147 Vet Care for Life and 126 Vet Care Support for Life animals are being helped by TALGV. Volunteers donated 128,868 hours, the equivalent of 67 full time employees with benefits. The Youth Intern Program restarted with a total of 40 youths volunteering for 8 weeks during the summer. The Cochran Dog Play Yard was built thanks to a wonderful donor. All dog volunteers are now required to attend a Basic Dog Training Class.