Approximate Age:
14 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Casper,

Adopted with Marcella 12-16-17

“Casper is a lap cat and was devoted to his owner. He’s laid back, loving, and a joy to have around.” That’s what my mom’s daughter said about me. Sadly, after mom died, no one was able to take my housemate, Marcella, and me, so having come from TALGV originally we’re back to say “howdy” and start looking for new people to charm. Everyone is calling us “Romeo and Juliet” because we’re seen cuddling in a cubby together, and although we don’t have to go together, it sure would be nice! I’m outgoing and social and am just biding my time waiting for “that certain someone” to come meet me, have their heart melted, and “feel the love”!

Arrived August 13, 2016