Approximate Age:
11 years, 2 months
9 1/2 pounds


Hi… my name is Emma,

Adopted 3-14-17

There are distinctive looks, and then there are “whoa, where did she get those markings” looks! And as they say on late-night TV ads, “but wait, there’s more!” ­– all this beauty isn’t just skin deep! My mom had me all of my six years of life, so all this upheaval has been pretty discombobulating for me, but through it all, everyone agrees that because of my inherently loving personality, I’ll make the adjustment to a new home in no time. My mom’s friend said, “Emma is super friendly and affectionate, never bites or scratches people [well, I am declawed!], and needs to be near you – on your lap or by your side.” I just know life will be rosier for you and me both when we spend it together!

Arrived 2-6-17