Approximate Age:
1 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Felix,

Adopted with Tostitos 10-20-21

Here’s a surprise: I’m a 5-month-old who’s “confident, curious, loves to play with toys, likes to attack feathers and toy mice, and loves to snuggle!” But the real surprise is that I’m still here! As a barely-weaned kitten, I was found on a street in Nogales, drenched on one of those VERYrainy July days. My rescuer couldn’t find my mom or littermates, so she took me in, intending to nurse me back to health and then find me a home. Well, the health thing happened, but the home never materialized, so now it’s TALGV’s turn to make sure I find just the right forever home, and I’ll bet yours would be just the ticket!

Arrived 9-29-21