Approximate Age:
8 years, 0 months



Hi… my name is Fiat (aka Hogan),

Adopted 10-15-20

When my family sold their home, they couldn’t find a rental that would take a multitude of cats (and birds, reptiles, and a dog!), so no surprise, here I am, checking things out and posting a “personal” ad for my next human or two or three (I get along great with everyone/thing!). My dad said, “He’s a quiet, laid-back, lazy, loving cat and we’ll miss him greatly.” He said I didn’t have any bad habits (OK, scratching the carpet maybe, but, hey, get me a scratching post or cat tree!) and was a great companion. I’m also quite the looker with my ticked tabby coat, so make both our summers better and take me home!

Adopted 8-2-14; Arrived 8-21-20