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Hi… my name is Flash,

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 3-16-18

It has been noted that I look like a cross between a Brussels Griffon and an Australian Terrier but all we know for sure is that my breed is something cute!

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Hi… my name is Eddie,

Adopted 3-12-18

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 1-4-18; Adopted 1-10-18; Arrived 3-10-18

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Hi… my name is Jasmine,

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 2-17-18

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Hi… my name is Coco,

Adopted 2-20-18

I was found in the shadow of Mount Hopkins, sitting in the shade and probably looking very peaceful because I am a sweet, harmonious kind of dog. However, on that day, my finders reported I was very thirsty, hungry, and limping a bit. I welcomed that rescue with all the big dog gratitude I could muster. And although I’m only 74 pounds, volunteers tell me I have big dog charisma, too—a kind of charm that comes from my gentle, friendly personality. I’m about 1-1/2 years old, a gray Staffie mix female, and I’d probably been alone for a while, judging by my dirty coat. As you know, that’s no way for a dog to live—I’m made to be someone’s loyal, loving companion. And maybe—my hopes are high—that someone is you.

Arrived 2-5-18

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Hi… my name is Loader,

Adopted 2-26-18

Comes with Free Vet Care for Life.

Like the “S” on Superman’s shirt, the perfect “U” on my forehead says I’m really something unique! And what my rescuers had to say sums it up: “Loader would make a great pet for children, a person looking for comfort and companionship, or someone’s first cat. He’s good with everyone, wasn’t nervous around my two cats or dog, and wants nothing more than to be indoors with the family. He greets us when we arrive and will come when called. He’s just a super sweet guy who’d make a great ‘therapy cat’!” My only “minus” is that I’m FIV positive (but have free vet care in case I need it), so must be an only cat (or live with another FIV feline). So come meet me ‘cause seeing really is believing!

Arrived 2-3-18

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Hi… my name is Tip,

Comes with Free Vet Care for Life

When you first meet me, your first thought might be, “Oh Granny, what big ears you have”! Well, OK, never mind that I’m a guy, you get the idea! And then there’s the handsome silky grey and white coat and rumbly purr that complement the package. I’m a quiet, pretty much one-person fellow (who isn’t awfully fond of men) who’s lived with other cats and a dog all my life. My mom was unable to care for me any longer as she had too many of “the others,” so my aim in life is to find another laid back home and person to call my own. At 10 years of age I have free vet care too, so why not take advantage of a stellar deal and take me home?

Arrived 1-28-18

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Hi… my name is Riley,

Adopted 3-14-18

If you enjoy happy surprises, I could be your very next one! I was abandoned in the back yard of a vacant house; the couple of rough spots on my coat may come from living outside or something else. So, you might expect me to be sad or even grouchy. Instead, I’m one of the happiest, sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. And I’m friendly to just about everyone (except cats, and, in fairness, they didn’t welcome me with open paws). A 2-year-old Staffie mix male, I’m good on a leash and great at relaxing—especially if I can sit next to you (or closer). The volunteers say I have a way of making every day better just by being me, and I say that’s because I’m grateful to be around kind, happy people—like you!

Arrived 12-29-17

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Hi… my name is Lea,

Adopted 3-17-18

My finder said that one day I just walked into their yard. We don’t know how I came to be lost, but I was lucky to have walked into that yard because those kind people brought me here. (I might have stayed longer with them, but I was way too interested in their cat.) I’m a young Staffie/Boxer mix female, and at 43 pounds I’m small for my breed, but mighty; that is, kind of strong and mighty cute, thanks especially to my beautiful gray and white markings and adorable ears. My finder said I was quite comfortable in a crate, which can be helpful, and very people friendly. I’m sure you’re dog friendly, so we could be a perfect match—for happiness, for love and for laughter. I’d love to be yours forever.

Arrived 1-8-18

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Hi… my name is Moonie,

Adopted 1-19-18

Drat! I only got to live with the family that adopted me for two months before an allergy reared its ugly head! Why is it that that doesn’t happen with dogs very often? Well, I’m back, and as you might guess since I’m only 7 months old now, my people said I’m super playful, sweet and gentle, and a “very beautiful” cat. I got along swimmingly with the kids and dogs in the house, so I’m proud to say that I’m a well-rounded guy who’s sure be at the top your list of “best pets I’ve ever had!” Come meet me and find out!

Arrived 7-18-17; Adopted 10-23-17; Arrived 1-5-18

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Hi… my name is Mousie,

Adopted 2-26-18

“Pure as the driven snow” (except for my grey “eyebrows” and tail spot), that’s what you’ll say when you see me! And oh-so-lovable to boot! You might think “Mousie” is kind of a “meh” name ‘cause it conjures up a plain, boring, fade-into-the-background kind of person, but I’m far from that! I’m a quiet lady, granted (I’m 12-years-old and have free vet care), but there’s so much more to my personality than that. I lived with dogs in my first home and did okay with them, so maybe if you have a cat-friendly canine, we’d become friends too. Life’s all about making the best of the hand you’re dealt, so I’d love to try to start a whole new game with you! What say we give it a shot?

Arrived 9-22-17; Adopted 11-18-17; Arrived 12-29-17

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Hi… my name is Bogart,

I was named after actor Humphrey Bogart because I’m the leading man type—handsome, charming, and strong. But since I’m a dog, it’s probably equally important that I’ve been described as well-mannered, good in the house when left alone, and leash-trained. I also like to be friendly, affectionate, and my person’s loyal partner at play and in quiet times, too. A couple of caveats: I’m a strong jumper; low fences won’t keep me in. And I didn’t get along with the other dog at my last home, which is why I’m here, hoping to find someone who’ll love me as their only dog. I’m a 3-½-year-old Staffie mix male, 68 pounds, and although the handsome movie star talk is funny, what I really want to be is your faithful companion for fun and forever.

Arrived 10-4-17; Adopted 10-14-17; Arrived 12-18-17


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Hi… my name is Kitty,

Adopted 2-5-18

My mom said that I loved to be picked up (not the #1 cat trait I’ve heard, especially one my size!), am very calm, am never “angry,” enjoy playing with a laser light and toys, and am a great lap cat. I got along with my housemate, Francis (except when, according to mom, he was being “obnoxious”), so would probably be okay with another laid back feline. I also loved the kids in my house, but they both had allergies (which is why I’m here), so as you can see, I’m a pretty well-credentialed gal! I’m going to miss my family, but I’ll bet there’s another just as loving right around the corner – one that’ll help me lose a pound or three along the way!

Arrived 12-16-17

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