Approximate Age:
10 years, 4 months



Hi… my name is Freckles.

I was seen wandering in Madera Highlands for about a month before I showed up at the back door of a home there hoping they’d take me in (and feed me!). They did, but unfortunately they weren’t “in the market” for another pet at the moment, so here I am, seeking my fortune elsewhere. It appeared from a few dings and nicks on my paw that I’d been in a tussle with another critter or gotten it stuck somewhere, but that’s healing nicely, and I’ll be good as new in no time. While I was at my rescuers’ home, I met their dogs and cats and I seemed to get along fine with them, so maybe I’d be okay with a friend or two in a new home. I’m an orange tabby boy, about a year old, and I know I’ll be one of those “forever grateful” companions in the second of my nine lives!