Approximate Age:
10 years, 10 months

Honey Bear

Hi… my name is Honey Bear.

When I first arrived at TALGV I was mighty shy I can tell you (I’d been living on my own for a while and at some time was the recipient of a clipped left ear courtesy of a trap/neuter/release program), but the volunteers have been working with me and say I’ve made great strides in the getting-to-know-how-nice-humans-can-be department. I can be playful and affectionate (I’m not a lap cat yet, but you never know!), and do enjoy some of my feline friends here (especially Frank and Russell who give me confidence). I’m a handsome orange marmalade guy, and if you give me some time and patience, I’m pretty sure I’ll come around and may even live up to my name someday!

Arrived July 3, 2015