Approximate Age:
9 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Ginseng.

Adopted July 18, 2015

You won’t find many stray cats that will follow a dog home, but that’s just how I got to my rescuer’s house! I guess that means either that I’ve lived with a dog in my other life or else I’m just a typically outgoing Siamese boy (or both!). At any rate, since I couldn’t stay with the family that found me because of allergies, here I am — sitting pretty and getting lots of food and attention (and spiffing up — I was a tad, uh, “ratty” when I arrived!). They think I’m only about three years old, so just think of all the years we’ll have ahead of us to share our stories of derring-do! If you “speak Siamese,” we’re gonna be happy as the proverbial clams!

Arrived July 2, 2015