Approximate Age:
7 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Jasmine,

Adopted March 2, 2016

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and cats and kittens merely players.” Okay, that’s taking some liberty, but you probably get my point! At only a year old, I dearly love to run around the house playing with those elusive rolling balls and catnip mice – well, toys of any kind actually! I also love to be talked to (and will answer back) and want to “hang” with you all the time if you’ll let me. My dad recently developed asthma, and apparently cat fur is a trigger for him, so here I am, looking for another world to conquer. I get along great with gentle kids (but not those frightening things called dogs), so would love a home where I can let the kitten in me have full sway. How about yours?

Arrived February 3, 2016