Approximate Age:
7 years, 10 months
14 pounds

Little Kitty

Hi… my name is Little Kitty,

Maybe someone was being cute when they named me Little Kitty (I was 14 pounds when I arrived), but I’ve learned that humans have a weird sense of humor sometimes! After my mom became ill, a friend cared for me for a while, but she had health issues too, so TALGV got to be my home (and nice as it is, I hope it won’t be for too much longer!). I’m a shy, quiet 6-year-old lady (who’d love a quiet home where I’m the only pet) and I had a rather unusual trait – I preferred a human toilet to my litterbox, so for those of you who’d rather not have to deal with cleaning them, I’d be the ideal housemate (but you should probably have a litterbox anyway, just in case!).

Arrived 4-24-17