Approximate Age:
9 years, 4 months


Hi… my name is Merlin,

Adopted 2-25-17

OK, I guess I need to go to an “anti-bullying” class ‘cause that’s what cost me my home! When my dad’s girlfriend and her cats moved in I wasn’t in a very welcoming mood, and have to admit that I did intimidate them a bit too much (hey, I was there first!), so unfortunately my housemate, Scarlett, and I were the ones that had to leave. Dad said I got along “to the point of playfulness” with the dogs in residence though, was very loving with people and kids, and “played with anything.” Well, I guess I’ve learned my lesson, so if you’re looking for a “playful, kittenlike, bold, outgoing, gentle, and tolerant” (with everyone but felines!) addition to your family, I’m your guy!

Arrived 1-25-17