Approximate Age:
6 years, 1 months
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Hi… my name is Jewell (aka Oboe),

Adopted 7-26-20

Looking for something special? Well, I’m aptly named, so look no further. After mom became ill, my dad no longer wanted to care for my housemate, Monster (no reflection on his personality) and me, so, bingo – just like that, our lives changed. Dad said that I’m playful, kittenlike, bold, and outgoing, but you have to come meet me to see what a total love I am. And gorgeous too! I have classic “ticked” tabby fur, and simply ADORE being petted (I’ll turn upside down so you can reach every spot), so I’m betting I’m the kind of companion who’s a real “lap junkie!” Why not give this 4-year-old, declawed, lady a new lease on life?

Arrived 4-9-16; Adopted 5-29-16; Arrived 6-22-20