Approximate Age:
11 years, 7 months

Miss October


Hi… my name is Miss October,

Adopted 9-17-17

After my dad died, my mom went into a senior facility, and a sweet lady brought me here but she didn’t know much about me. Turns out I’m a beautiful, friendly, laidback, medium-haired solid black lady who will greet you when you visit and play with you if you bring me one of those enticing dangly toys. I love to have the occasional romp, but I also love to just hang out with people. I really want (and need!) a loving home where I can cuddle to my heart’s content and have a few toys of my very own that I don’t have to share so much! I’ve been here quite a while now (too long in my estimation!), so won’t you help me move on with my life?

Arrived September 28, 2012