Approximate Age:
9 years, 3 months
12 pounds


Hi… my name is Ollie,

Adopted 6-3-22

Why didn’t I get to tag along? My buddy got to move out of state with our humans, but I was left behind. Since I lived for five years with them, my humans knew me well. They said I’m an independent guy who’s shy with strangers, but that hasn’t been true with the TALGV volunteers. I may be napping on a cat tree, but I look up when they come in and say, “Pet me, please!” When they do, I reward them with loud purrs and curl sideways for ear-scratches. I just love that attention! I‘m a sweet, front-declawedfellow with the softest gray fur and absolutely gorgeous eyes, who’s just waiting to meet you!

Arrived 10-16-21, Adopted 10-29-21, Arrived 4-27-22