Approximate Age:
8 years, 6 months
15 1/2 pounds

Princess Ann

Hi… my name is Princess Ann,

Adopted June 6, 2016

In case you’re the forgetful kind, my people said that I am the most reliable alarm clock you could ever want! I “remind” them when it’s time to feed me, and in case you’ve been a tad lax in the cleaning-the-litterbox-department, I’ll give you a semi-subtle nudge in that direction too! I’ve lived happily with them and my best friend, a Chihuahua (who I’d love to stay with!), all my life but when they took on the role of being foster parents, their new job kept them away from the house for 18 days at a time. I have absolutely no “bad habits” (okay, I’m not a big fan of kids), and not the least bit picky about my food, so if you’re looking a loving blue-eyed companion, I’m raising my paw!

Arrived May 5, 2016