Approximate Age:
6 years, 1 months


Hi… my name is Romeo,

I guess it would be great if they did dental implants for cats, but actually, having lost all of my teeth (due to an allergy to my own saliva!), it doesn’t prevent me from eating food at all. My people were feeding me Iams dry food and I did just fine (but I bet I’d also like some yummy gravy-like stuff too!). My dad said that although I’m pretty quiet and laid back, I still love playing with string, catnip toys, and fetching balls (especially those crinkly things like foil balls and candy wrappers!). My people’s health necessitated their relinquishing me, so I’m dreaming of a special someone with whom I can start life anew.

Arrived 2-13-15; Adopted 3-7-15; Arrived 5-16-20