Approximate Age:
11 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Sakura,

Adopted September 11, 2015

My dad adopted me shortly after I arrived at TALGV in 2014 and said that I’ve been very loving and a great companion who got along well with his other two cats, but since three were more than the HOA allowed (he really hoped no one would notice!), he reluctantly brought me back. He said that I was both playful and independent (you never know when those “gotta chase everything” moods will strike!), and loved to sleep on a living room chair or couch with him. I’m a petite, declawed, snowy Siamese mix lady with haunting lime-green eyes and winning ways, so I’ll bet if you’re looking for a gal who’ll give you that special “feel the love” vibe, I’m it! Come on down and meet me!

Arrived August 30, 2015