Approximate Age:
12 years, 4 months


Hi… my name is Sheba.

Adopted February 8, 2015

I think it should be written somewhere in the human code of conduct that they are never allowed to move to a new home unless pets are permitted! Well, it would be too late for me now anyway, but it’s just a thought! My not-so-little family consisted of six kids, another cat, and a dog (I sure hope they found a BIG place to live!), and we all got along splendidly. Mom said was very gentle and loved to sleep and play with the kids, loved feather toys, and was just generally an all-around wonderful quiet and laid back lady (I had to be with so much going on!). I’m an adaptable shorthaired black and white gal whose background will undoubtedly allow lots of options for a new home!

Arrived January 25, 2015.