Approximate Age:
11 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Slate.

Adopted October 10, 2014.

My people are moving across the country to a place that doesn’t allow pets (why would anyone want to live in THAT kind of home?), so I’m back at my alma mater eager to find new “digs” with a lively, but settled, family. I lived with my senior mom and dad for three years, and they said that I’m still very active, playful and “kittenlike,” have absolutely impeccable house manners, and like to “chase things” (especially cat treats!). They said that I seem to be more affectionate with women (I particularly like their laps!) but not “averse” to men (whatever that means!). I’m a gorgeous thick-coated Russian Blue lad who will undoubtedly bring my own special joy to a family that wants some feline action going on!