Approximate Age:
7 years, 7 months
Special Needs:
7 pounds

Spirit Boy

Hi… my name is Spirit Boy,

Adopted December 14, 2015

The nice lady who found and cared for my brother, Shadow, and me after we were born to a feral mom in early 2015, tried to make sure that we didn’t stay that way for long. But because we’d spent so much time out there looking over our shoulders, we both seem to live up to our names — we’re on the shy side and need to be able to come out of our shells and learn to trust on our own terms. Deep down, I know we really want to be part of the family, so if you let me “do my own thing” and not “push it,” then I think you’ll end up with an exceptionally grateful and handsome glossy black boy, and that’s going to be wonderful for both of us!

Arrived May 13, 2014; Adopted August 26, 2015; Arrived November 23, 2015