Approximate Age:
9 years, 0 months


Hi… my name is Trouble,

Adopted February 6, 2016

No, I don’t live up to my name! My given name was “Boots” but my first family called me “Trouble” because I sometimes liked to unravel toilet paper rolls (I understand that that hobby isn’t totally unique to me!). After my dad died, mom couldn’t care for me alone any longer, so I came to TALGV in 2014. Another family adopted me shortly afterward, but they though I was a bit too independent for them (they said I didn’t like to be hugged or come when called — not very “catlike” things anyway!). I’m a 2-year-old declawed tabby and white boy who’s active, affectionate, curious, and loves to play with toys on strings. So if you’re looking for entertainment, a purry friend, and don’t mind a few shredded TP rolls, then I’m your guy!

Arrived May 17, 2015