Approximate Age:
14 years, 5 months


Hi… my name is Storm.

Adopted December 31, 2014.

Here’s what the volunteers said when they did my intake: “Wow, what a nice cat and quite a talker!  Let us do anything to him and purred away the whole time.  Laid there like he was getting a pedicure when we clipped his nails!” They don’t say that about MANY cats when they first arrive, so you know I’m going to be one loving, purr-in-your-face kind of guy! I lived with a family (including three kids) all my life until mom remarried and moved in with her new husband and his dog. The combination of moving to a new house AND a dog was too much for me, so they felt I’d do better in a quiet, dog-free home. I’m a handsome Russian Blue who just needs you to make my life complete!