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Hi… my name is Lady Grey,

Adopted 5-24-17

Comes with FREE Vet Care for Life

You can make lots of yummy things with Velveeta cheese, but for me, it’s a special treat when I get my daily dose of thyroid medicine! As an 11-year-old lady (with free vet care), I’ve developed an overactive thyroid, but it’s kept in check quite nicely with just half a pill a day in a glob of that great orange stuff! And then I’m ready to spend time either joining you watching TV or reading or just curling up in bed. People say I’m shy, but once I get to know and trust you, I love to cuddle and have my belly rubbed. I do miss my mom, who recently died, but in another quiet home, I’m sure you and I can have a new beginning!

Arrived 5-15-17

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Hi… my name is Boscoe,

I arrived at the Animal League one Saturday morning, nervous, not knowing what to expect. I’d been found on South La Canada, and although they immediately called me a big handsome guy, I knew I was also a guy without a home or people who loved me. But I settled in quickly and soon was feeling much better. Right away, the volunteers called me a “nice dog,” because I’m friendly and have good manners. I sit when you say to and I’m good on a leash, so walks are fun every day. And then there’s playing with toys—one of my favorite things. I’m about 3 years old and 76 pounds, gray-blue and white, with a whole lot of love to give and fun to have. Wouldn’t it be great if I were yours!

Arrived 3-18-17

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Hi… my name is Josie,

Adopted 3-16-17

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 3-9-17

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Hi… my name is Wylie,

Adopted 3-16-17

I was found near a grocery store—a stunningly handsome blue-gray Weimaraner male, 63 pounds (a little thin for my physique) and about 2-1/2 years old. And that’s all we know for sure about my past, but a couple of the volunteers have some intuition about me. For one thing, I’m often overjoyed with human company, so I may have been very lonely before being found. I can be a good walker on my end of the leash if the human on the other end is a good, strong walker, too—one who reminds me of things I’ve probably learned before. Maybe you’ll get good vibes from me, too. I hope so. And here’s something I know for sure: If you give me a good, loving home, I’ll be your loyal, devoted companion forever.

Arrived 2-22-17

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Hi… my name is Vinnie,

Adopted 4-10-17

When I was adopted last year (as a 2-month-old puppy), I thought it was for keeps. My person did, too, but now his life has changed and with school plus two jobs, he has no time left for me. On the bright side, the person who does have time for me will most likely win my love and devotion real fast! I’m a fun-loving, active guy; fetch is a favorite game, but I like all kinds of playing! I’m a 1-year-old Weimaraner/Staffie mix male, blue/grey with white touches, a good size guy who can be strong so my person should be, too. Chances are we’ll both find things we especially like about each other, so what do you say? Will you let me be your playful, devoted companion for lots of happy times ahead?

Arrived 1-11-17

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Hi… my name is Kristy,

Adopted 3-19-17

When I was lost, I wandered into the yard of a woman who has four sons and three dogs. No wonder I was drawn there! My finder said that in our brief time together, I was very sweet to her four boys (ages 5, 8, 10 and 12), and volunteers here talk about my sweetness, too. I guess that’s because I’m gentle and calm, but at just 2 years of age, I still like to play! Whatever brings me close to my person—that’s what I enjoy. I’m a beautiful blue-grey Staffie mix female, too thin when found but now feeling good at 34 pounds. So if you want to hike, play, or hang out at home and always have a dog who thinks the sun rises and sets with you—I’m the one.

Arrived 1-9-17

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Hi… my name is Storm Cat,

Adopted 1-17-17

After my mom rescued a whole passel of cats over the years, she decided that she had finally reached her limit – especially since she had too many males vying for dominance. She said that with her though, I was “extremely” loving and wanted a lot of attention, so you know if it’s just the two of us, life will be grand. Mom found me as an emaciated kitten in the parking lot of a mall, and over the years I’ve morphed into a big, handsome, now approximately 3-year-old, Russian Blue mix who is still playful and wants dearly to be your one and only. With my days as a foundling behind me, I can now promise our time together will be a joy for us both!

Arrived 12-8-16

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Hi… my name is Dexter,

Adopted 3-26-17

When rescued, I’d been living on the streets, which can be just as tough as it sounds. To the wonderful woman who took me in, it appeared I’d been abandoned, left to survive on mesquite beans, grass, and whatever else I could find. I was scared, hungry and tired, so that kind lady let me spend the entire week of Thanksgiving with her. I was such a happy camper! Then, because I need a permanent home, she brought here, where I continue to relish all kinds of creature comforts—living indoors, regular food, a soft bed, and the company of good friends. I’m an adorable 3-year-old blue-grey Staffie mix male who’s discovered how wonderful life can be! Why don’t you come meet me and let’s see how we can blend our happy futures together!

Arrived 11-28-16

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Hi… my name is Blue Girl,

Adopted August 1, 2016

I was found on my own—lost, hungry, and not sure if I should trust a stranger. But after a kind lady fed me for a week, I decided it was safe to be her friend and that turned out to be a great decision because she brought me here, where there are lots of kind people and they all seem to really like me. They say that people tend to think Bulldogs are cute, cuddly and loveable, and I’m all three! They also tell me I’m very sweet, and all my positives come together to make me a great companion for people. I’m short but wide, around 75 pounds (might be good to drop a few), a 4-1/2-year-old happy female with a beautiful blue-grey coat. How about we find each other today?

Arrived May 1, 2016

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Hi… my name is Pewter,

Adopted December 2, 2015

For two waifs who were abandoned by their people, my friend (and maybe sister), Harlequin, and I are downright relaxed felines! Our family left us in the yard when they moved away in mid-October, so the neighbors cared for us for a while, but when it became obvious no one was coming back for us, they brought us here to be sure we’d stay safe. I’m a charming and handsome 2-year-old Russian Blue boy, in excellent health and am just as easygoing and affectionate as can be. Given our delightful personalities, it’s hard to see how anyone could have foregone our company, but that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for us and for you. The holidays are right around the corner, so let’s spend them together!

Arrived November 4, 2015

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Hi… my name is Slate,

Adopted May 25, 2016

The senior couple that adopted me nine months ago is traveling back and forth to Alaska several times a year, and they felt that I wouldn’t make that trip easily as I’m pretty much a homebody. I lived with my first family (also seniors) for three years, and they said that I was still active, playful but independent, had absolutely impeccable house manners, and liked to “chase things” (especially cat treats!). They said that I seemed to be more affectionate with women (I particularly like mom’s lap!) but not “averse” to men (whatever that means!). I’m a gorgeous thick-coated, golden-eyed Russian Blue fellow who will undoubtedly bring my own special joy to a family that wants some feline action going on!

Arrived May 26, 2015

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Hi… my name is Ramsey.

Adopted May 30, 2015

Comes with Free Vet Care for Life

If you’re done with the high activity “kitten thing” and are looking for a low activity, loving, “wants-to-be-petted-and-held-all-day” gentleman, then look no further! I lived with my mature family for four years and since they can no longer keep me, they felt I’d be perfect in a “retirement environment” where I can get more of the same. They said that I loved music, was mild mannered, and good with other animals. I’m not good with kids though (hey, nobody’s perfect!), but love to bask in the sun and spend all my waking hours with you. I’m an 11-year-old Russian Blue mix with a white chin and bib, and to top it all off, I come with Free Vet Care for Life. I’d say that I’m just made to order for a Green Valley life!

Arrived May 25, 2015

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