Approximate Age:
8 years, 6 months


Hi… my name is Sunlight.

Adopted December 19, 2014.

There’s nothing like having a name that you live up to, and boy do I do mine justice! Someone adopted me from PACC a while ago because I was micro-chipped, but the lead didn’t pan out, so I’m here waiting to spread some sunlight in YOUR life! A woman in the Villas East fed me on her patio for about three months, but winter was coming, and since she wasn’t “in the market” for a feline (she had a small dog that I got along swimmingly with though), she brought me here. She said that I was very friendly (well, food and a lap you know!) and she was sure I’d be a wonderful (indoor only please!) companion for some lonesome person. If that’s you, come let me purr sweet nothings in your ear!

Arrived November 25, 2014.