Approximate Age:
14 years, 7 months
11 1/2 pounds


Hi… my name is Tuxedo (aka Tux),

Adopted October 7, 2016

When your bona fides include “affectionate, mellow, not demanding, adapts well to all situations, no health problems, and wonderful companion,” then you know that you’re going to get a real winner when you adopt me! My dad had to move to another one of those “no pets allowed” places (they ought to be outlawed!), so now I’m on the lookout for another family to wow with my gentle and loving ways. As a 7-year-old boy, I’m really just getting started in life, so I’ll bet we could spend years and years getting to know each other and making many happy memories. I know I’m ready, so I’m double-daring you to come by, meet me, and see if you can resist my charms!

Arrived April 26, 2016