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The Shelter Challenge is back! Please vote for us

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You are allowed vote once every day during the competition. Please encourage your friends and family to vote for us too!

Our Results

2015 – Arizona Second Place Winner for Spring Beta Contest  – 50 pet beds.
2015 – Arizona First Place Winner in January Winter Fun – $500.
2014 – Arizona First Prize Winner in Round 3, Summer Fun Shelter Challenge – $1000.
2013 – Arizona First Prize Winner for  Round 3 Shelter Challenge – $1000.
2012 – Arizona First Prize Winner for Round 2 Shelter Challenge – $1000.
2011′s Summer Shelter Challenge: TALGV won $1000  as the Arizona State Winner and $1000 as  the recipient  of the Grand Prize in the Funny Fluffy Photo Caption Contest. We would like to thank Shirley Kargel who was the Grand Prize Winner in the Funny Fluffy Photo Caption Contest (see below) and named TALGV to receive the prize money!
2010′s Winter Shelter Challenge: TALGV won $1000 in the dark horse category.

About the Challenges

Every few months the Animal Rescue Site hosts an “Animal Shelter Challenge”. Visitors to the site may vote for a shelter once a day during the 12 week period. The Shelter in each state, and 3 nationally, with the most votes win a grant to aid animal care. We hope you’ll support us! Doing so is easy! Just follow the simple steps below to give us a winning chance. Back to top