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Hi… my name is Whiskey,

If you are looking for a big, sweet and playful companion, I’m your dog! I haven’t met many strangers, so when you come to visit me, I may be a little nervous at first. But if you let me sniff your hand and give me a few minutes to get to know you, we can be best friends in no time! I especially like it when people scratch my butt, and I will gladly roll over for a tummy rub! I lived with my first family for the last six years. They said that I am housebroken, know sit and stay, and was gentle with their new baby. I’d like to find someone who will take time to play with me and take walks, but, most importantly, who will love me forever!

Arrived 9-29-19

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Hi… my name is Krystal,

Adopted 9-24-19

As soon as we meet, I will shower you with love! That is just who I am: a regular love bug! I love to cuddle with people, but I also like my walks with the volunteers to look around and explore. I am a white shepherd, and everyone agrees I am gorgeous. My best friend Queenie and I were found alone walking near the interstate. I am still sad about losing my people, but Queenie is such a comfort! If you come to see me, I will roll over for belly rubs and thank you with lots of kisses. And if you have room in your home and in your heart for both of us, we promise to love you forever!

FOUND- Arrived 9-1-19

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Hi… my name is Buster,

Adopted by Handi-Dogs 9-7-19

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 8-29-19

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Hi… my name is Maddy,

Adopted 8-30-19

“She is the sweetest dog I have ever seen.” Those words came from the kind woman who found me hiding in a bush—a very scared and hungry puppy. Happy to be safe and well fed at her home, I got along with her dog and two cats, was gentle and tolerant with a young teenager, and she wanted to keep me, but her busy work schedule didn’t allow enough time. I’m only 6-1/2 months old, appear to be a husky/shepherd mix, and need some help learning to be with people. Oh, I’m friendly and enjoy human company, but I’m still shy. A leash is new to me, and no doubt there’s lots more for me to learn. So if you have time for a beautiful, gentle, young dog, please let it be me.

FOUND – Arrived 8-15-19

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Hi… my name is Jagger (aka Cody),

Adopted 8-11-19

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 1-26-18; Adopted 2-18-18; Arrived 7-28-19

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Hi… my name is Chispita,

Adopted 8-4-19

If you are familiar with español, you may know that my name means sprinkle or spark. I am an exceptionally beautiful, calm and mellow shepherd mix female of only 8 months. Even though my family decided it was best to part ways, they reported that I am gentle with children from 3 to 14. They also said I got along with two other dogs in my former home. Although I can be slow to warm up to strangers, if given enough time and attention, I do start showing my loving side. You would probably guess that I do enjoy treats; they motivate me to quickly learn proper manners. Come by and visit so I can show you a “chispita” of puppy-style love.

Arrived 7-1-19

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Hi… my name is Beauty,

Adopted 7-20-19

Aptly named, I’m a black (and silver) beauty and a sight to behold (maybe that’s what caught your eye). It’s hard to imagine anyone abandoning me (and my friend, Duke) anywhere, but at least they had the decency to do it near a vet! Fortunately, they found us quickly so we didn’t have to spend too much time out there alone. You may think that with such a rough start in life, I’d be kinda shy, but because of the warm welcome I received at TALGV, I’ve developed a real friendliness to people (and have even learned to sit before getting food!). At 42 pounds, there’s lot of me to love, so come do it!

Arrived 6-27-19

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Hi… my name is Kobe,

Adopted 7-6-19

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 6-20-19

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Hi… my name is Angel,

Adopted 8-4-19

When my former people were asked about something unusual in my appearance, they answered, “curly tail.” I love that! They might have said, “missing left rear leg” because I am, but I get around so well they instead chose the tail thing. Yay for me! They’re lovely people, but said their joints couldn’t keep up with walking me every day. I do love my walks and I’m no slouch in that department—can keep up and keep going, but also love when we rest and you pet me. They described me as “playful, good-natured, friendly, and obedient.” If you’d like more, I know some commands, was housetrained at my former home, and I’m cute as a button. So if you’d like a sweet dog with a loveable personality, we should get together real soon!

Arrived 5-28-19

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Hi… my name is Peri,

Adopted 6-15-19

Unlike some other dogs, I was like a “peri” dog. Always shying away from new visitors, but recently I have perked up a little. I hope you can see the playful and friendly side of me within my eyes. Although I was found in the Subway parking lot, I do not particularly like sandwiches. However, when I get to know you, I like laps, hugs, kisses, and lots of belly rubs. Sorry, my story is a little short, but with due time I will share a lot more about me. Or you can stop by and pay me a visit. Hope to see you soon.

FOUND – Arrived 5-27-19

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Hi… my name is Emily,

Adopted 6-9-19

I was left behind at a dog park, but I wasn’t alone. A kind person was watching all day and when no one came for me, she took me home that night. She said I was a bit shy but warmed up quickly, and preferred to be with someone rather than left alone. I have a nice disposition, she said; got along with her dogs and rode well in the car. She trimmed my long nails, and then brought me here, where I’ve enjoyed regular walks (I’ve been good on leash) and quiet times with gentle friends. A medium size female, born in 2010 and probably a shepherd mix, I’m still shy sometimes but always hopeful. Someone will see what a good, mature, loving dog I am and will take me home for good.

FOUND – Arrived 5-19-19

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Hi… my name is Cher,

Adopted 4-21-19

I’ve been told I have an elegant appearance—sparkling eyes, gorgeous coat—and that’s a very nice introduction. But I’m hoping you’ll want to know more. For instance, my former people didn’t want to give me up (after 2-1/2 years together), but there were human health issues involved. They praised me for being well behaved and easy going, housetrained, leash-trained, and responsive to commands like sit, come and stay. Of course, all that’s good, too, but again, there’s more. I can be a charming and loving companion, one who thrives on giving and receiving attention. Guess you could say I’m lively but sensitive, too—definitely happiest in the role of companion. So now I’m watching and waiting, hoping that you’ll give me a chance to add my own kind of canine love to your life!

PS Those are my baby pictures at end of the gallery.

Arrived 7-7-16; Adopted 7-9-16; Arrived 9-24-16; Adopted 10-14-16; Arrived 3-25-19

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