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Hi… my name is Zoie,

Adopted 8-8-18

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 4-28-18; Adopted 5-6-18; Arrived 8-4-18

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Hi… my name is Simba (aka Scorpio),

Adopted 8-21-18

I was adopted as an adorable little Shepherd mix puppy, and now—because my former person is moving and cannot take me with her—I’m back as a still-adorable but bigger male pup! Yes, I’ve grown and learned a few things along the way. I’ve been housetrained, leash trained, and discovered I love to play, go for runs, and cuddle. Cozy times with my person plus active fun, too, add up to my dream life! Here, I’ve also had the chance to spend time with other dogs and kids ages 8 and older—experiences that help me imagine how wonderful it will be when someone loves me forever. If that could be you, if your heart will open up and let me in, I’ll try every day to make you very glad I’m yours.

PS Yes, that little pup in the photos is me!


Arrived 1-14-18; Adopted 1-26-18; Arrived 7-27-18


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Hi… my name is Chico,

I’m a very shy guy and when you know my story, I think you’ll understand why. After my person was forced to leave, the three other dogs I’d lived with all moved away and I was alone, living under a trailer. Life was scary and strange. Then kind women came into my life, feeding me, and eventually trapping me to come here. I wish I’d calmly walked with them, but I haven’t learned how to do that yet. Fortunately, even when terrified, I’ve never been aggressive, and so people have been sweetly willing to help me—petting me as I sleep, encouraging me to eat, using “shy dog protocol” to help me learn all’s well here. If you’re a patient, loving person, perhaps you could make me feel safe. And maybe, someday, even happy!

Arrived 7-1-18

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Hi… my name is Bear,

Adopted 6-20-18

You could say my lucky number came up when I was found in a casino parking lot by someone who kindly gave me a ride to TALGV. Here I’m learning there are lots of friendly people around when you’re in the right place. I’m a tall fellow, about 60 pounds, with a beautiful, rich black coat. I can be shy at first—maybe uncertain of how I’ll be treated—but if you’re calm and gentle, I’m very glad for the company. You can see that in my soulful eyes. Even if you just walk by my run, you’ll see my interest, my hope that you’re a new friend.  How about a visit real soon? We can meet and greet each other, and you can show me how fun and happy life can be together!

Arrived 3-22-16; Adopted 4-17-16; Arrived 5-6-16; Adopted 7-13-16; Arrived 6-13-18

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Adopted 7-2-18

Hershey is a sweet and smart 50-pound, 2-year-old female Shepherd mix that was adopted as a puppy. Owner works all day and believes that Hershey should not be left alone for more than 6 hours. Hershey is housebroken, enjoys car rides, and walks well on leash. She is well behaved and knows come, no, and stop. She is healthy, has been spayed and is up to date with shots (medical records available). She gets along with other dogs and kids but prefers lots attention from her person. There is no adoption fee for this special girl.

If you will welcome Hershey into a loving home as part of your family, please call Julia between 8 AM and 8 PM at 915-252-3618.

June 7, 2018

Note: Photos were supplied by owner… may not expand.

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Hi… my name is Wally,

Adopted 6-16-18

When found near a local store, I wasn’t shopping but I had been looking for a friendly face in the crowd. Lucky me, I spotted two! They’re both Animal League volunteers and they knew right away that I’m a “people dog,” that is, a dog who thrives on the company of kind people. An 18-month-old blond Shepherd mix male, I’m lively, enjoy exercise, and interested in the world around me. But here’s my secret: I’ve been a little lonely. That’s why I try to be extra friendly to everyone, hoping they’ll notice me and see what a good dog I’m trying to be. If you’re looking for an attentive, active, eager-to-please dog, then I’m looking for you, too—ready to be your loving, playful, devoted companion for a long time to come.

Arrived 5-23-18

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Hi… my name is Lizzie,

Adopted 6-27-18

Comes with Free Vet Care for Life

I was adopted from TALGV 8-1/2 years ago (when I was 3), and the only reason I’m back is because my beloved person died. I like to think she’d be pleased with the nice things people say about me here—that I’m very friendly, lovable, and “seem younger than my stated age.” Even on my intake exam—temperature-taking and everything—the medical folks said I was cheerful, totally cooperative, and an “absolutely wonderful dog.” Being an 11-1/2-year-old Shepherd/Doberman mix female, (who comes with Free Vet Care for Life!), I’ve learned some important things, like how to walk on a leash, “ask” to go outside, and, best of all, how to appreciate and love my person with my whole heart. So here’s my big question: May I please have a forever place in your heart?

Arrived 5-16-18

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Hi… my name is Dolores,

Adopted 6-2-18

I was found in the desert near the mines—all kinds of dangers for a puppy out there, and I did need medical care when rescued. Fortunately, that went very well and today I’m enjoying all kinds of puppy fun. My wonderful foster mom sings my praises: “Dolores is a gem,” she said, adding that I’m extremely smart, rarely bark, happy to sleep in my crate and a great eater. She takes me walking on a leash, reports that housebreaking is progressing, and that I’ve “shown no signs of being anything other than a lovely little puppy.” Awww, thanks foster Mom! I was 15 pounds at 4 months, a tan Shepherd mix female, and if you have time and big love to give, I’d love to be your puppy today and your companion forever.

Arrived 4-27-18

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Hi… my name is Libby,

Adopted 5-19-18

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 5-6-18

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Hi… my name is Cody,

Adopted 7-8-18

Comes with FREE Vet Care for Life

As a senior dog, I’m glad to be a “known quantity”—personality and behavior well established. The family friend who brought me here after my person passed away described me as “loyal, friendly, sweet, and loving.” In my few days with him, I was around a toddler and another dog, and we all got along. Also, I’m leash-trained and housebroken; yes, I’ve learned those lessons. Walks are still fun, but I’m content with lots of relaxation, too, and as a 14-year-old, I come with Free Vet Care For Life. Oh, I know it’s a lot to ask for you to choose me. There are younger and cuter dogs, and my dark golden coat has white hairs now, but if you want a dog who truly knows how to love and be loved, I’m all yours.

Arrived 4-22-18

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Hi… my name is Bailey,

Adopted 7-30-18

Comes with FREE Vet Care for Life

Even though I’m 9 years old, I’m sure some of my happiest trails are still ahead of me. Here’s one way I know: I recently had great fun with a family including five children (age 10 and older). We played fetch, the kids liked it when I’d sit, stay and come on their say-so, and I loved it when they kept saying, “Bailey is awesome!” At 75 pounds, I’ve been called a shepherd/Black Mouth Cur mix, but you can just call me a big loveable guy. I need a new home because my person became seriously ill and couldn’t keep me. I hope it helps that I come with Free Vet Care for Life, and I also come ready to relax, have fun, and be your faithful companion. Will you give me that chance?

Arrived 4-16-18

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