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Hi… my name is Kita.

My “given” name is Chiquita, but like lots of names, people have been using the diminutive, so Kita I’ve become. My family lost their home and left me with a friend to care for until they could take me, but that never happened. My “foster” mom would have kept me, but she had a lot of health issues and wasn’t able to give me the exercise I needed (she also didn’t have much of a yard, so I couldn’t get my daily calisthenics in that way either!). I’m a white, 29-pound, shorthaired, American Eskimo Dog mix (okay, I don’t have the long, plush fur they do, but I’ve got other attributes like their “smile”!) about 10 years old (so I qualify for TALGV’s “Vet Care for Life” program!) and I’m a lovable, quiet and submissive lady. I just know that there’s one more family out there that wants to make the rest of my life complete!


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