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Hi… my name is Apollo,

Adopted January 31, 2016

Arrived January 27, 2016

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Hi… my name is Copper,

Adopted February 21, 2016

When found, I was more than a lost dog—I was a lost dog with a stick in his leg! My finder’s son took it out, no problems there, and brought me here so I could find a forever home. They call me Copper thanks to my reddish-brown, velvety smooth coat, but please notice the expression in my deep golden eyes, too. That’s one way I say that I’m really interested in getting to know you, and show you that I’m calm, easy-going, and a great companion. I’m a young adult, about 2, on the high end of medium size, and in great shape for the fun we’ll share, from playtime and long walks to quiet times at home. Let’s start with a visit today and see how great we’ll be together forever!

Arrived January 7, 2016

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Hi… my name is Queenie,

Adopted 6-1-17

Queenie has achieved her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate!

I was found walking down the middle of the road, frightfully thin and having recently given birth. Sadly, puppies were not found, but my finders kindly brought me here. Now the volunteers and I have gotten to know each other, and I sure hope you and I will, too. I’m a 40-pound female, single and loving it, which means I should be your only dog. You could also say I’m kind of a mirror because I often reflect the demeanor of the person I’m with. If you’re calm, I’m inclined to be that way, too. Around someone who’s boisterous, I’ll likely reflect that behavior. Most of all, I want to make you happy. As one person who knows me said, “Queenie is a big love!” Won’t you give me the chance to be yours?

Arrived December 19, 2015

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Hi… my name is Rosie.

Adopted September 26, 2015

Although no one knows anything about my origins, it’s apparent I’d had a rather hard time of it for a while. I had several injuries on my head and neck from what appears to be animal attacks (there are so many out there just waiting to pounce!), but they’re healed now and I’m ecstatic to be safe here at TALGV! The volunteers are learning more about me each day, and they say that I’m a super sweet gal who has the joie-de-vivre attitude that goes with being a young and ready-to-experience-the-world kid. Although I don’t have much training (yet!), I love people and don’t react a bit to other dogs when they try to ”create drama”! I’m a slender, approximately 1-year-old Vizsla/hound mix, who promises to be the companion of your dreams!

Arrived May 2, 2015

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