Approximate Age:
2 years, 2 months


Hi… my name is Benji,

Are you a “dog savvy” person? I’ve been told someone who is dog savvy—knowledgeable, experienced, understanding—would be a great match for me! As a puppy, I was rescued from the big highway and have been a lively, active guy ever since. I love playing—especially with squeaky toys and balls—but I’m hesitant around new people and some I just don’t trust. I need lots of socialization; a structured life could help me gain confidence and know what’s expected of me. They say I’m smart with heaps of energy, and that great rewards of a challenge come with time and trust. Guess I’m the challenge, huh? And if you’re that dog-savvy person, you may be my best chance at a long and happy life. Imagine how much I’ll love you for that!

Arrived 7-30-17; Adopted 10-14-17; Arrived 5-20-18