Approximate Age:
4 years, 5 months
70 pounds


Hi… my name is Booker,

Adopted 2-23-19

The day I came here was an exciting day for me—a subtle way of saying I was completely scared and with good reason! I was found on the interstate, traveling down the median as heavy traffic whizzed by me. Thankfully, a kind gentleman stopped for me. You bet I was glad to get in his car! And once here, relaxing with new friends, my true personality started to show. I’m a playful, fun-loving guy—70 pounds and sometimes I don’t know my own strength, but you can remind me. At 2 years of age, I’ve learned how important it is for my person to be happy; it’s in my sweet nature to want the best for you. So give me a chance today, and I’ll give you the very best of me forever.

Arrived 12-24-16