Approximate Age:
11 years, 3 months
53 pounds

Buddy Boy

Hi… my name is Buddy Boy.

I was adopted on March 23, 2014.

Sometimes you wonder why people bring pets into their lives and then leave them in a yard to amuse themselves. I’m sure my mom (who recently died) loved me, but she never spent much time in training me, so now I’m hoping that I’ll finally find someone who will recognize my potential and make that investment. My mom’s son said, “Buddy is a good dog; he just needs some training,” and I’m here to tell you that I’m 100% in agreement with that statement! I do know the basics — sit, stay, and down — and I love to play fetch and chase a Frisbee, so with some patient guidance, I know I can be the pal you’re looking for. I’m a medium size white and tan Staffie mix who will be with you through thick and thin after you’ve made the commitment to my education.