Approximate Age:
24 years, 5 months
56 pounds


Hi… my name is Harleigh.

I was adopted on May 25, 2014.

My dad went into a memory care facility and my long-time girlfriend, Honey, and I were left alone in our home for several weeks. We had a yard and a doggie door and a neighbor who came to feed us, but we were still awfully lonely so we were really glad when TALGV came to our rescue. We’re living with a foster mom at the moment, and she really thinks it important that we be adopted together because we’ve become so dependent on each other. I’m a 56-pound Border collie mix lady who is in terrific shape for my age (I still love to play ball — a border collie trait if there ever was one!), and if you’ll let me, I’d like to sleep on the bed with you, too! We’re both housebroken, good with kids, and just generally laid-back girls, so I know that we’d be a great addition to any family.

P.S. Because of my age I qualify for TALGV’s Senior Vet-Care-for-Life program.