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40 pounds


Hi… my name is Cami,

Note: Bio needs revision.

Sometimes secrets about the past are best replaced with happy new memories, and that’s been happening for me. First, a man who’d seen me out on the street for over a week, kindly coaxed me to him with dog food. (I was very hungry back then.) Once at TALGV, I received many good things—medical care, which made me feel much better, and comforts of home—blankets, beds, food, water, soft words and massages. And to make life even better, I’ve enjoyed visits with children and walks past the cats, and loved sharing time with another gentle dog. Currently with my foster people, I’m even learning to trust and show my own personality. So although I’m still somewhat shy and quiet, inside I’m becoming a very happy dog—one who’d love to be your friend.

Arrived 1-6-19; Adopted 3-30-19; Arrived 7-27-19