Approximate Age:
6 years, 1 months
15 pounds


Hi… my name is Cheetah,

Adopted 5-18-18

My siblings and I were abandoned as babies, along with Mom, and left to the mercy of the elements. A neighbor fed us over the fence around our small space until the lucky day when we were rescued. Having had little human contact, we were terribly shy at first and huddled together, especially protective of our littlest brother, who’s a bit more delicate than the rest of us. But now, with food, water, and human kindness in constant supply, we’re developing a fondness for people, and hope to increase our confidence. Plus, playing with toys, going outside, wrestling with each other—it’s all coming so easily now. I’m Cheetah, the only girl, 15 pounds at 3 months and growing. If you’re patient and understanding, could we possibly love each other? Let’s meet and find out!

Arrived 4-21-18