Approximate Age:
7 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Cody,

Adopted to Humane Society 2-7-19

Although I’m pretty good at observing my surroundings, somehow I became lost. A kind man took me in, but after about six weeks, his dog and I no longer got along and that’s when I came here—a Lab mix male, probably born around June 2016, chocolate and white with amber eyes that are watching to see if you might like me. My finder said I was housetrained, and knew commands like “sit” and “kennel.” I’ve probably not had any experience with children, but I do like to play fetch, ball, and find it. And, of course, what I want to find most is a home—that place where we watch out for each other, have fun and take life’s happy trails together. May we please meet soon? I think we’d make a great match!

Arrived 11-18-18