Hi… my name is Jessica,

Adopted with Samantha 5-19-19

The story of how we came to be here is a bit convoluted—we were in a park, going this way then that, there was someone’s daughter—but two things are for sure: First, I came with Samantha, another Pug mix female, and we’re very happy together. The other sure thing, according to our new people friends, is that we’re two little dogs with great big hearts. Calm and sweet, we’re naturally friendly. (Samantha may be slightly braver than me; she’s a little bigger and one year older.) Some people think our Pug-like expressions are kind of comical, but we know you’re laughing with us, so it’s all good. If we make you happy just by being ourselves, that’s perfect for us, too. So how about we get together and give it a try!

FOUND – Arrived 4-15-19