Approximate Age:
11 years, 5 months
50 pounds


Hi… my name is Leala.

My “probably” sister, Lila, and I glommed on to a house in Sahuarita Heights at the end of September, and after the owner fed us for a few weeks and no one showed up looking for us, he brought us here. He might have kept us forever, but he already had two other dogs (along with horses, which we never bothered!), so he figured he had a full complement of “dependents.” I’m a lovely Australian heeler mix. The volunteers said that I walk “pretty well” on a leash, am friendly with people, seem okay with other dogs (I’ve really bonded with Lila, so it would be really great if we could go to a home together!), and am a very sociable girl. I’m “double-dog sure” that with just a bit of education I’ll be a grand addition to your life!