Approximate Age:
2 years, 9 months
, ,
49 pounds


Hi… my name is Volley (aka Mindy),

Note: bio needs revision

My brother Mork and I were lost puppies—barely more than babies—when some horses brought us good luck. (Probably life-saving good luck!) A man going out to feed the horses spotted us. We were very frightened, but he fed us and eventually was able to bring us here. I’m a Lab/Hound mix female—currently 25 pounds and growing—with a beautiful rust-colored coat and very expressive brown eyes that might tell you what I feel even when I’m being shy. As we become acquainted with the volunteers, I’m relaxing more and more, playing puppy games with my brother and enjoying fun in the sun! If you have the patience for a puppy, I know we could have lots of fun, too. Could I get lucky again and find a forever home with you?

PS Yes, those are my baby pictures at end of the gallery.

Arrived 7-20-16; Adopted 8-6-16;Arrived 1-3-19