Approximate Age:
20 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Peter.

You’ve got to admit, I give new meaning to “happy face”! But then we Pomeranians are known as active breeds with a cheerful disposition, alert character, and fox-like expression (that’s what the AKC says, and I’ll bet anyone who’s owned one of us will vouch for that statement!). I was “just wandering around” in the Los Arroyos area of Sahuarita for several days when a sweet lady took me in. Unfortunately (for me, not her!), she had just adopted a puppy, so she had her hands full with his training and I was more than she could manage. They’re guessing my age and I’m in very good health (but at my age, I qualify for TALGV’s “Vet Care for Life” program anyway), so you’ll have no worries in that department. I’d love to spend my golden years warm and safe in a loving home, so won’t you give me a chance to do just that?

Note: Peter’s age qualifies him for TALGV’s “Vet Care for Life” program)