Hi… my name is Polar,

Adopted 2-11-24

People tell me I’m a remarkably handsome shepherd, commenting especially on my beautiful white and beige coat and deep brown eyes. That’s nice, of course, but even better is when they see me as a friend—someone to have fun with. I share my run with another dog and every day we run and play together, sit in the sun together, and tolerate each other’s quirks, like when I occasionally use a high-pitched voice to say “no thanks” to a walk. Fun with human friends includes playing fetch, sharing quiet times, or working a canine puzzle and they tell me how smart I am! Of course, I’ll meet my best friend when someone takes me home and we love each other forever. Please come visit and see if we could be that happy match!  (bio updated 12-28-23)

FOUND – Arrived 1-18-23