Hi… my name is Polar,

I am an ice-white, medium-sized, Shepherd-mix boy, and I have learned in my young life that there are kind two-leggers and not-so-kind two-leggers. Somehow, at just six-months-old, I wound up alone on Old Nogales Highway. Perhaps I was turned out after my itty-bitty puppy cuteness ended, or perhaps my former home didn’t provide me with safe containment. I’m not sure, but it was the grace of a kind two-legger who brought me here for a “do over.” I know that with your love and training in basic commands, my puppy ways could be “shepherded” (wink) into a perfect-mannered companion. I love people and other dogs, but I don’t like those things that meow (ruh-roh, “the cat’s out of the bag”). So if you have a meow-free home, I’m your guy. C’mon, we got this!

If you are considering adoption, please call TALGV office (520-625-3170) and make a date to meet me soon. Kennel appointments are between 10 and 2 every day.

FOUND – Arrived 1-18-23