Approximate Age:
4 years, 8 months
42 pounds


Hi… my name is Shaggy,

Adopted 5-1-17

I was a found dog, lucky to have someone who fed me. However, that person leaves in the summer and so I was brought here, where I’ve discovered there are lots of people who like me! In addition to regular meals, I enjoy going on walks every day, spending quality time with people (by which I mean they pet me), and they even give me the occasional treat for being good. I’m about 40 pounds and at 4 years old, I have a mature, calm demeanor, but I’m young enough to enjoy playing and having fun. I behave well on a leash, and happily pay attention to the person I’m with. They call me Shaggy, but under my black and tan coat, you’ll find a very sweet fellow who’d simply love to be yours.

Arrived 3-16-17.