Approximate Age:
0 years, 10 months
42 pounds

Sonny B

Hi… my name is Sonny B,

“Playful and charming”—does that sound good? People use those words to describe me, and, to be completely upfront, they sometimes add “mischievous.” Is that still okay? I just want you to know that I’m still a puppy who needs some training, but I’m not a baby anymore. If you pet me, I can relax and let my sweet side shine through. Since my sister was adopted, I’ve been a little lonely, but I thrive on attention and affection; quality time with you means the world to me. If I get in trouble, my feelings are hurt because I truly want to please you. So if you’re loving and patient, and could enjoy the company of a high-spirited, fun-loving young guy like me, let’s get together. I see a happy future for us!

Arrived 1-11-19